How To Recognize Medical Negligence: Signs and Red Flags

Medical negligence, or lack of proper and complete medical care, can lead to long-term problems for patients and medical organizations. As a specialist in patient rehabilitation and medical case management, Dr. Daniel Brzusek and the team at NW Rehabilitation Associates, Inc in Bellevue, WA, are familiar with medical negligence cases and can help with the resolution of common issues for patients.

What Is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is when a hospital, doctor, or other healthcare professional administers care that causes harm to a patient. For instance, if an incorrect medication is prescribed, or the wrong surgical procedure has been performed, that can be deemed medical negligence. However, it is important to understand that medical negligence is commonly an unintentional mistake that produces an unfortunate result.

Understanding Medical Negligence

Healthcare professionals are among the most trusted in society, however, they are just as vulnerable to mistakes in the care process. Mistakes that are related to patient health can lead to serious medical complications or even untimely demise. At NW Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. in Bellevue, WA, Dr. Daniel Brzusek can provide expert testimony for medical negligence cases for patients.

Signs and Red Flags

There are some clear signs and red flags that patients can look out for if they feel they may have been affected by medical negligence. These include:

  • Adverse reactions to medications.
  • Incorrect or delayed diagnoses.
  • Complications after surgery that don’t resolve in a normal period.
  • Infections, specifically after treatments or surgeries.
  • Unexpected outcomes, such as an inflamed joint from an injection that causes an allergic reaction or an injury from a doctor-recommended exercise. 
  • Inconsistencies concerning medical records.
  • Doctors or healthcare providers not providing timely responses or feedback.

Get Advice and Guidance

If you are in a position where you believe you may be dealing with a case of medical negligence, the team at NW Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. in Bellevue, WA can help. Call (425) 453-1000 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brzusek.

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