Dr. Brzusek performs medical evaluations for plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys, various IME agencies as well as government agencies. He also continues to see patients for physiatry consultations but only on a cash basis since he does not bill insurance companies.



  • Physical medicine expert witness expertise. In my long clinical and personally rewarding career, I have had the opportunity to participate in clinical research, serve as a consultant to a variety of industries as well as a speaker for a variety of requests. Please refer to my curriculum vitae. I have also worked as an expert witness for both defense and plaintiff attorneys in any area that requires physical medicine and rehabilitation consultation, such as strokes, amputations, results of automobile accidents, or injuries sustained on the job, etc. I am a member of the Washington Association of Independent Medical Examiners.

Dr. Brzusek has a reputation for being impartial and honest, which is perhaps the greatest asset an expert witness can demonstrate. There are some expert witnesses that have shown a pattern of only offering defense or plaintiff opinions but have forsaken their clinical practice for providing testimony for hire exclusively. Dr. Brzusek has a record of impartiality in his teaching career, serving as the Regional Dean for Pacific Northwest University Medical School as well as representing himself as a physiatry expert witness, and has rated total permanent and partial impairment as an expert witness.

Physiatry Expert Witness

As a physiatrist, he has had extensive deposition and trial experience, such that there is a comfort level in front of a jury or when being deposed. I have been coached by experts in the field of witness preparation. I have extensive media and public speaking exposure and professional guidance in these areas. I have an understanding of the deposition process and technique. Most importantly, I appreciate that thorough preparation of knowledge of the facts that lead to the most valuable contribution for which my services are sought.

In deposition testimony as a physiatry expert witness, I endeavor to reply and answer only to what has been asked and avoid speculation or interpretations not supported by medical science and the facts supported by the medical records.

Daniel A. Brzusek, DO, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Expert Witness


Dr. Brzusek has practiced physical medicine and rehabilitation in the Bellevue area since 1976. During this time, he has become well known, both on a local level and nationally with his involvement in professional organizations, and as an advocate of quality and accountability in his peer review activities. During this time, he has also served as an independent medical examiner and provided physical medicine and rehabilitation expert witness testimony for both defendants and plaintiffs using evidence-based medicine and peer-reviewed publications coupled with ethical practices are the foundation of justice in the medical-legal area. He has served on committees that have constructed strict guidelines that have been counted upon to be irrefutable in any venue for which they are requested.

Dr. Brzusek graduated from Niagara University in 1966, majoring in philosophy and biology in his premedical studies. He attended Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine from which she received a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 1970. He started his residency program at Monmouth Medical Center and was drafted during the Vietnam War. He was in the Air Force and served in North Dakota for two years with Strategic Air Command (SAC). He then went on to the University of Washington to complete his residency in rehabilitation medicine. He then started a private practice in Bellevue and Renton, Washington, in 1976.

He has held leadership positions both in the national and state medical societies. He has also been active on volunteer boards over the course of his career. He and his wife believe in the concept of giving back to the community.

Question: What are doctor fees? See attached Fee Schedule.

Question: What if travel is required? Travel within the state of Washington is time away from the office. I do not usually travel outside of the state of Washington. There is a required per diem rate which is to be paid in advance in addition to services rendered.

Question: What is the cancellation policy? Independent Medical Examinations cannot be canceled and fees be refunded less than three business days prior to the scheduled date of examination or appearance in court. Trial dates and deposition dates require 3 full business days for refund of fees.

Question: Can I call to discuss the case prior to sending the records? Dr. Brzusek will be happy to discuss any particular case and answer any questions without costs or obligations but once services are retained until a final consultation is requested. It must be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and according to Dr. Brzusek’s rates which speak for themselves. Dr. Brzusek is willing to accept both plaintiffs as well as defense cases.

Question: Does Dr. Brzusek accept liens? We cannot accept liens for future settlements, regardless of the merits of the case.

Question: What cases will the doctor not review? Dr. Brzusek will not review cases involving current or prior practice associates. He will not consider any case in which he considers there to be a conflict of interest if he has previously treated the patient or family member.

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