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Medical Legal Evaluations In Bellevue, WA

While you might not realize it, physicians also play an important role in the legal justice system. They can provide expert medical opinions and advise legal counsel on how to best prepare their case based on medical science and fact. They can also review medical records for medical negligence and malpractice cases and provide detailed explanations to the jury and courtroom about certain diagnoses and medical procedures.

Here in Bellevue, WA, Dr. Brzusek of NW Rehabilitation Associates provides such medical-legal consulting services to attorneys, physicians and healthcare professionals. Dr. Brzusek has been practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation since the mid-70s. The team at NW Rehabilitation Associates has received a reputation for being trustworthy, honest, flexible and dependable. Being able to provide a wide range of services means that we can also better meet the needs of each attorney or legal professional that comes to our office seeking our services.

As a board-certified physiatrist, Dr. Brzusek has had extensive trial and deposition experience, as well as public speaking experience, whether it’s giving expert testimony in front of a jury or simply speaking to the media. Everything that Dr. Brzusek states during his testimony is supported by medical science and fact, never speculation. We can also prepare and interview other physicians and healthcare professionals to get them ready to deliver their own expert witness testimony.

With Dr. Brzusek you will receive ongoing medical guidance to support your case, which may also include presenting and exploring other avenues to pursue based on medical facts to improve the chances of winning a case. You will receive a commitment to thorough, thoughtful and extensive research for your deposition, hearing or trial testimony. Dr. Brzusek also prides himself on providing very thorough and detailed reports in a timely fashion. You will always receive impartial and honest feedback, reports and testimony from our medical-legal team here at NW Rehabilitation Associates.

If you are looking for a physician that can provide you with medical-legal evaluation services here in Bellevue, WA, don’t hesitate to call NW Rehabilitation Associates at (425) 453-1000 to schedule a consultation.

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