Dealing with Medical Negligence in Bellevue
, WA

Medical Negligance in Bellevue, WA

The rate of medical errors in this country is astounding. In fact, some reports claim that 10 percent of all US deaths are due to medical error, which also makes this the third-highest cause of death in the US. We understand that when you put your health and life into a professional’s hands that you expect a certain level of care. So, when you face a life-threatening injury or condition, or permanent damages because of medical negligence you may be looking to talk to a professional to find out what your rights are.

Dr. Brzusek at NW Rehabilitation Associates has been providing physiatry expert testimony for medical negligence cases in and around Bellevue, WA, for years. He is renowned for his expert witness testimony, his position as an independent medical examiner and his fight for justice within the medical-legal sector. Here’s what you should know about medical negligence and the services we offer,

What is medical negligence?

People often mix up medical negligence and medical malpractice, but they are different. Medical negligence refers to careless accidents and human errors that do not show actual intent to harm. The doctor or practicing physician may think that they are doing what’s in the best interest of the patient but may end up harming them. This is medical negligence.

How is medical negligence determined?

Medical negligence can be determined by exploring several avenues. One avenue is talking to expert witnesses to see whether they would have recommended the same procedure or testing as the doctor or practicing physician in question. If they would have recommended a better option, then the doctor could be guilty of medical negligence.

Dr. Brzusek has served as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense cases. What he brings to the table is evidence-based medicine and peer-reviewed findings that help to support the case. In order to determine whether a doctor or physician is medically negligent, we need to establish,

  • That there was an existing relationship between the patient and the doctor in question
  • That the doctor violated the duty of care by recommending testing or treatments that other medical professionals would not
  • That this violation of duty of care led to the patient' injury or illness
  • That the patient is dealing with damages due to this procedure or treatment

If you are unsure whether you may have a medical negligence case on your hands, or if you are looking for expert witness testimony from a qualified physician who has been practicing medicine since 1976, then you may want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brzusek at NW Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. by calling (425) 453-1000.

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