What Is a Medical-Legal Evaluation?

Your doctor in Bellevue, WA, can help you with your legal claim!

If you are in a car accident or suffer an injury at work, you may need a medical-legal evaluation. It’s a comprehensive record that helps determine the nature and severity of your injuries, and whether you will continue to suffer impairment in the future. You want a highly skilled physician to perform your evaluation and give an expert account of your injuries or condition.

Dr. Daniel Brzusek of NW Rehabilitation Associates in Bellevue, WA, offers a wide range of medical and rehabilitation services, including medical-legal evaluations to support your legal claim. He is board-certified, with a long, distinguished history of providing detailed medical testimony in the courtroom.

Before the medical-legal evaluation, your doctor will receive and review your medical records and any other information pertaining to your accident or injury. He can provide information to all parties handling your claim. After examining you, he can provide his expert opinion on:

  • The cause of your injuries or condition
  • The severity of your injuries or condition
  • Your limitations as to work or activities
  • What types of treatment may help alleviate your pain
  • Whether your limitations are temporary or permanent
  • Whether your injuries or condition will impair your health in the future

Dr. Brzusek can also interview and prepare other doctors and healthcare personnel involved in your case for the courtroom.

If you have suffered an injury, accident, or medical condition related to work or other causes, you want someone in your corner who can help you achieve the best outcome like Dr. Brzusek.

To find out more about medical-legal evaluations and other medical and rehabilitation services, call Dr. Brzusek of NW Rehabilitation Associates in Bellevue, WA, at (425) 453-1000 now! We can help you win your case!

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